Valerie Levitt and Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

Valerie is a Licensed Agent with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services.  Here are some testimonials from former clients: 

"Valerie closed my sale while in labor with her second baby.  Fortunately it was a very fast labor, probably because it was her second.  She finished my sale before they'd even cleaned her up.  Thanks Valerie!"

"Valerie's husband Brett found me a beautiful condo in Santa Monica, not that anyone ever gives him any credit."

"Valerie sold my condo in Sylmar, though she ended up splitting the commission with some other dingbat who barely did any work.  I highly recommend hiring Valerie to go on vacation and split the commission from your home sale too!"

"I've asked Valerie about a hundred times to set up MLS alerts for me for various Los Angeles neighborhoods, and to call regarding new condo units that may be my only chance to purchase a home for my family.  She has done neither.  Still, she's cute so I keep her around.  Oh well."